The Prestige 3

by MeRCY

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The Prestige 3: Blood, Sweat & Cheers

MeRCY has been hard at work and now, he has released the long awaited and anticipated third installment to his Prestige series; The Prestige 3 not only boasts a full compliment of hardcore lyricism and exceptional production, the entire project conveys MeRCY's testimony. MeRCY and his team may have out done themselves this time. Each of the 14 tracks on The Prestige 3 offer raw and gritty insights into a reality we can all relate to. With stellar appearances by artists Blaq, see.francis, Sean Price, JQ and Ransom paired with well-rounded production mostly credited to iLLustrious's own Solidified as well as Zino, see.francis and more, the project elicits emotion while also being sonically superb. Between the soulful feel of tracks like "Personal Legend" and the celebratory sounds of "Life's Anniversary", there is something for everybody. The Prestige 3 creates a listening experience that cannot be soon forgotten.

Executive Producers: MeRCY, KoJazz, Solidified
Mixed & Mastered by Rell Burgundy @ Starboy Studios
Cover Art: Bambo Slice
iLLustrious Music Group.


released April 28, 2015



all rights reserved


MeRCY Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Southern born & raised. I don't wanna make music forever but I wanna make forever music...

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Track Name: Holy Trinity (Prod. by See. Francis / Co-Prod. by MeRCY)
Life was about…
Making my moms proud - making my daddy happy
A guru above the clouds – fallen angels staring at me
Death is a marathon – one day its gonna passed me
As I pass on my baton – to another athlete
Blessed with fast feet - another track meet
Heaven knows – the flow is god given – check my rap sheet
Mercy is worthy as Hershey but never that sweet
Kids was getting jump – chains were taken in the backstreet - sheesh
I was rocking with the wrong crowd
Skip day – everyone went to Rog' house
Smoking reefer – eating pizza
Playing video games – and freaking divas
College wasn’t cutting it – didn’t give a fuck of it
I was broken hearted – never would fell in love wit it
Kept my sorrows in a gold bottle
Today’s a bad influence, tomorrow is it role model
no surprise when they see me - vocalize live in 3D
new blood rising, take it in blood, blood sweat and cheers - led up to P3
made from angels dust, god knows i did dirt
stared death in its eyes and devil blinked first
i know pain is cheap but damn it can hurt
i was born with this gift - still i live with this curse
my mama passed away and my daughter just born
see how life can recycle - and see how life can go on
this my life behind bars in the coldest cell
hov of the holy grail, primetime of punchlines - holyfield
the end of a trilogy - this the end of a trilla G
a threesome of a iLLer me, The Prestige, the holy trinity
Track Name: Baptism By Fire (Prod. by Solidified) (Cuts & Scratches by DJ KD)
bishop hit me up on the phone said "what you breaking on"
cas' hit me up with a tweet said "what you waiting on"
Solid send a beat every hour on the dot saying
"when you gon drop that verse nigga you taking long"
say no more - human torch, homie - flaming on
turn niggas fillet mignon - iron chef lexicon
transform megatron - one gun single arm
live from the telecom - run rap marathon
upper echelon – words from a mega don
watch who you stepping to – or be the one I’m stepping on
use you as a stepping stone – just to make a better song
you nothing but a rap ballad – we call you Elton John
…this is for my street life borough niggas
Army jacket wearing over thermal niggas
still smoking through the roaches till we burning fingers
the flow may overflow - never burning bridges - bitches!

*DJ KD Cuts & Scratches*

more money, more liquor, more mercy
more blunts, more bitches, bloodthirsty
each quote c notes is noteworthy
weed smoke, keep close - im up early
just for the thrill - we live in the trap
nights that we kill - everyday we bring it back
we slap niggas that slap niggas to make a trend
not in the game here to make a friend
iLLustrious, yall niggas know we get it in
yall terry cloth, very soft, need extra skin
i got the ladies wet - bumping hard shyt
black timbs, ripped levis, gripping on my balls shyt
this that pork flow, that hog spit
speaking in morse code - in case you lost it
solid drop the beat again, thats my evil twin
word to our mommas, bring the drama to any man

*DJ KD Cuts & Scratches*
Track Name: Head To The Sky Ft. See. Francis (Prod. by Zino / Co-Prod. by MeRCY)
Head to the sky – Wishing I can fly there | Eternal sunshine – Feeling like a light year...
Let’s see the world, baby – Show me that you fight fears | Wanna travel for good – believe me, I’ll be right here...

From the scars and tragedies – stars and the galaxies
I’ve sneezed, God blessed me – pardon my allergies
I have no limits – I was Master P
Just some food for thought – we all had to eat
With a shallow mind – where my thoughts travel deep
And when money talks – we all had to speak
No matter what it cost – we all trashed receipts
Winning like a Boss – we all had defeats
Overall, going overseas – know it all, don’t noticed me
Was very small, being locally – my protocol was provoking me
I want it all – don’t need it all – Colombia or Africa
I just wanna see it all – Europe or Antarctica
Go the distance – Hope to visit – know the difference
Going missing – GPS – can’t see me flex – can’t locate or have no position
For every ghetto boy – For every city girl
For feeling isolated - Just wanna see the world


place me where there's palm trees - somewhere near there's calm breeze
purple smoke and bomb weed - surfing up at maui
go to sleep in Paris - wake up in Tokyo
have a threesome in New Orleans - fall in love in Chicago
eyes closed - blindfold - walking on a tight rope
travel where my mind go - unravel what my mind know
sipping on mojitos - far from the mosquitoes
packing no luggage - i'm just gon' freeload
tripping off my ego - bringing all my people
crossing the border - like we illegal
Bolivia or India - mapquest all access
peru to st lucia - passing the atlas
i'm just a tourist - searching no warrants
a local, broward boy - out here exploring
riding something foreign - as long as the world spin
the sunshine's eternal - just take it all in



Track Name: Personal Legend (Prod. by Solidified)
they told me - i was destined for greatness
writing my raps - investing my statements
a rush for success - testing my patience
nothing but stress - lessons i face with
still i embrace it - blessed with amazement
my stepping stone became a step on the pavement
days i was balling - i should have went pro
should have finished college - instead i said no
what's my calling if it aint balling in the NBA
i could be drawing but i'm here stalling for endless days
filling out applications, giving out my resume
while my pen penetrate, gotta be a better way
damn, becoming so stressful...
untapped potential, through my number 2 pencil...
if Martin can dream it - Stevie can see it
the universe conspires on helping you achieve it

so what's my destiny - what am i really meant for
doing a 9 - 5, on the grind - 10 - 4
my cards been dealt - my heart been felt
no fear of failure but God himself
had niggas try to hold me back
fake love, fake support, some hate - exposed on track
yall acting like i sold you crack but hov did that
so hopefully, i don't have to go through that
thanks to my parents - i was gifted with talent
though, they wasn't really consider the rapping
my process of progress - promise my conscious
money on my mind - but that's not the concept
still in search for my personal legend
just know it's a curse when your ignoring your blessing
the girls may distract you - the world may attack you
life as a chameleon - just know how to adapt to
Track Name: Eagle Eye View Ft. Sean Price (Prod. by Solidified)
ITS A ... ITS A ... ITS A ... ITS A ...


killer instincts - murder brilliance
numb to the heart - but bitches feel this
gotta ice cold liver - ice cold shivers
coldest stares turn niggas, geico lizards
cold hearted, known target to bogarted
beef with us like a cold engine - dont start it
modern day rick james before he sniffed caine
yall nothing but baby boys to raps ving rhames
jody ass nigga - phony ass nigga
only, know me as homie that nigga
gotta eagle's eye view - a vulture's mentality
birds to a feather - cant rock with us or master p
jabs like tyson - punchlines like cassidy
a punch to the face - could split your personality
no telling the view i got
the desert eagle view - can remove your top

Track Name: iLL-Minded Ft. KoJazz (Prod. by Zino)
Well connected, well respected
The Tony Soprano has been resurrected
Blow your candles out – here’s your death wish
Life’s a party and you aint on the guest list
Everglades swamp thing – straight out the trenches
Everyday renegade – living life reckless
Some was pitching cane – others blowing smoke
Bitches popping pills – niggas selling coke
Life in the drug game – nights making chump change
Fights when you love pain – Driving in one lane…
Doing a hunnid on the highway
On I95 – living life my way
I can die today or die tomorrow
Yall niggas scared to death – yall spine is hollow
iLLustrious Dons is cut from a different cloth
Who tailored yall niggas – Big and Tall
I took time off to get my mind off the dumb shit
I offered yall ones, yall wanted hundreds
Greedy ass, I aint really blaming yall
A lot of funny shit, just don’t get my name involved
Yeah - I was chilling for a minute – cuz my feelings wasn’t in it
Watching from a far – avoiding any gimmick
Hoping that you listen…
Presently, on this present day – knowing that I’m gifted



If I can make these people run out and think
There ain't a pen that could run outta ink
I swear
Breaking chains till they run outta links
Drowning fears
Me and Mercy never come outta sync
Two brothers of the same kind
Same heart - Same mind
Same art - Same shine
Cut from same cloth
And raised better
Dealt from the same deck of cards
And played better
In the game of life
Nothing left to say
When you say it right
Nothing left for shade
When you stay in light
Nothing left to say
When it's said in writing
Nothing left to shade
When you stay enlightened
My pen priceless
Pay attention - Play it cool
As I write this
The whole record gon be paid in full
A college dropout
Often wish I stayed in school
It's more than 80 I owe (A.E.I.O.)
What can I say to U
What can they say to me
Basically a G in the fresh
They trying to get to I
Can barely get from A to B
Word to the brown nose
I'm that shit that Alf'll bet (Alphabet)
Arguably against all odds
Like Devil's advocates
I leave em puzzled
Whenever we crosswords
I married Life
But was left at the altar
Made me the person I'm now
So all that shit you heard before
Was me rehearsing my vowels
If you caught it salute
For supporting the yout
If not
Don't even trip this was record for you
Just a messenger for God's plan
Heaven sent
Couldn't stop the flow wit a Goddam..Thing!
Track Name: Life's Anniversary (Prod. by Solidified / Co-Prod. by MeRCY)
Champagne for the pain – oh, sweet victory
Moment that I came – only here to make history
Tomorrow is a mystery…
But today is present and that should be a gift to me
Kisses for my misses that stay missing me
New slave with heavy chains – the young Mr. Tee
Drop jewels, wear jewels - lifestyle lavish
Lips so French and her ass so quite Spanish
Got her body talking – now she speaking my language
Dope boy magic – how that love just vanish
No pull out the hat trick – pull out a rabbit
Wahlah and that’s it – Harry Potter to this rap shyt
Just a sample of my soul – it’s a classic
What you see is what you get – no catfish
Rolling up with a look alike actress
It's your dawgs birthday – raise your glasses

We on the block like...
Party all night...
Till the daylight...
Celebrating life...

Buffalo soldier - dreadlock rasta
One man army - headshot choppa
At the roundtable - shrimp, steak, pasta
Love is a battlefield - mercy gets lots of
Don Donna - Bambaataa - one shotta
Bad momma - all Prada - smoke ganja
No drama - no comma - just honor
See papa - mi casa - eat proper
And that’s when she love it – love how I thug it
Not a crab in bucket – wild out in public
blow her candles out - birthday wishes
party with the ladies - more hershey kisses
parade with my peoples - like everyday is illegal
tonight is a movie and tomorrow is the sequel


i show you how mercy celebrate...
hit my plug up who be selling weight...
cop enough goods till a nigga levitate...
party like right before you see heaven's gates
party like a nigga just got home...
call some shortys up - let em know we getting throw'd
project x - black bar mitzvahs
illustrious dons and divas - rolling swishers
Solid' henny up - Jazz' jack daniels down
Bis stay hogging the 'tron - Cas' is drunken now
and we still drinking - aint tryna sober up
we do this year round - we still growing up
...we dont party like you niggas do
...we crash parties with the women too
it's only life's anniversary...
living life for eternity...

Track Name: Aurora Pt.III Ft. BlaQ (Prod. by Solidified)
Have you ever lost a loved one?
Or never understood love 'til you lost one?
Where your heart at?
I left mines behind with my dearly departed
Just to make a fashion statement - shorty wearing my garments
took a shot at love - fear being the target
Need light above - cause she scared of the darkness
Tears from a angel, watching her heart cry
Not your common love story, tales from the dark side
Damn - I've been making it worst
Nights that you cried - days that it hurt
We was well rounded - shaping the earth
Love is 6ft deep that'll take to the dirt
Going through hell - that's Satan at work
But it's you that had save me as a baby at birth
It's hard to find love in the darkness
Forever shine light where your heart is

Hook: BLAQ
When hearts cast shadows, that's the dark side of love
When I'm not sure cuz you're not sure, that's the dark side of love
I'd say keep it if I never tasted your kiss
Where is the light
I'd say keep it if I never tasted your kiss
Where is the light

Verse 1: BLAQ
You'd better find it
Whatever you left with her
Tell her it's repo
She probably don't know that it's still there
Or, that she has your mind still filled, dear

The worst timing
Just when times are hard
Stress can cloud the mind
Plus the stains of your what ifs
You need to remember what love is


Wrote 1,000 reasons why I loved you - you gave me 3 words to start with
Even when you drove me crazy - you never made me feel car sick
For 3 years we was passionate
How quickly we fell in love - and wasn't tripping off a accident
i'll break up the weed - you would roll up the blunts
i would die for you twice - just to live for you once
from the kiss that we share - love to taste your words
Wanna massage that ass - let me shape those curves
once high strung - let me break those nerves
i know i got you speechless - i gotta way with words
like a thief in the night - keeping you tight
tell me what's left - if i'm treating you right
i'll be your lifetime supporter - go half on a daughter
miss auoroa - i'll do anything for ya'

Track Name: Breakin' Badd (Prod. by Tek.Lun)
momma said they'll be days like this
more drama and pain like this
smoking ganja - blowing proper
holding problems - can break your wrist
aint some shyt - from the life i live
when i write this shyt - as a lifeless kid
whats so wrong when its right to me
rightfully aint righteously
from right to left - i had the right to leave
so i brainstorm in lighten speed
quick as that - fixed my hat
i was nice as my fitted cap
when shyt went bad - simple fact
there were things i would die for - there were things for survival
but something i couldnt live with that

baddest nigga from my darkest days - it was hard to walk away
lord have mercy - who called my name
couldnt make me stay - had to make a way
she only fuck with iLL niggas - polo - fuck that Hilfiger
ace of spades - cant deal with ya
brick by brick - I'll build with ya
switch my lane - spit yo game
different dame - give me brain - this shyt insane
older brother on the streets was pitching cane
momma knew and poppa too
skipping class and rocking jewels
getting ass - what's popping boo
living fast - what's stopping you

hold up, know what
need a bad bitch roll up
puff of the green, take one for the team
triple beam dreams gotta sold up
ridin 24s no donuts - little nigga had to grow up
this aint a sub - no cold cuts
still that bad motherfucka when i show up - hoe what
Track Name: On The Reel Ft. JQ (Prod. by Solidified & JQ)

i broke bread, ribs, hundred dollar bills
sick in the mind, rapping so ill
my name hold weight like a sumo's belt
i put my heartbeat on the beat to make my music felt
metal gear of rap - i move in stealth
whatever i do bruh, i do for self - whatever you do hater - you no help
even finding forever - you can lose yourself
still creep through the fog - roll deep like the mobb
must be a atheist - cuz you don't believe in the god
sunglasses and advil - blessed with rap skill
mountain of hope - when faith was just a ant hill
so what you trippin' fo - live from the 9 - 54
always giving, when niggas wasnt giving mo'
i put family first, just a man of my worth
ive looked out for yall, still handed me dirt


party at the penthouse suite - we really did that shyt
talking illustrious - cuz we live that shyt
i'ma keep it on the reel, if you wanna know deal
we always been ill till yall sick of it
now baby mama tripping - saying lazy daddy living
crazy fact or fiction - i'ma asiatic driven
latest fashion given, make your ladies ask permission
how lately lack of pimping - maybe, saved me, that's the vision
low end theory of a midnight marauder
reason why I go harder - is everything for my daughter
till she walking on water - any limit, i'ma push farther
god fearing, only fear as failing as a father
since my mama past - staring through the hour glass
on my last dollar, i give my daugther that
for the streets...started from the bottom of the map
man of the hour - i got broward on my back

Track Name: Sand Castle (Prod. by Solidified)
Dived in her tears - sinking in emotions
Just to be specific, it’s Pacific as the ocean
Maybe not as vivid, but swimming thru commotion
Depending how you living. you was giving by the notion
Drinking, skinny dipping, got u sipping on this potion
Hoping, had you thinking, in a minute you'll be floating
You barely off coast and the coast is clear
You fear the most as the holy ghost is near
Champagne for the pain and toast to cheer
A glass full of cries that couldn’t hold the tears
Like you suppose to care, but not really
Out there chasing waves - misbehave - how silly better get your act your together
...before you feelings reenact the weather
You brainstorming, and crying rain
A thunderous heartbeat but you deny the pain
She’s saying…

Live your life or you can get man handle
They say life’s a beach, she’ll piss on your sand castle
…before I see my final days
…watch it splash from a tidal wave
Everything I've worked for – taken by the seashore
I’ll sleep when I’m dead – no need to dream more
Before, I set my footprints on the sand
Follow destruction of a man
Corruption, how waves keep fucking up his plans
A soul surfer could only understand
Life in Atlantis, Right by the Atlantic
Lost in Bermuda as my future looks so frantic
…Found a message in the bottle - telling me...
Even castles made of sand, fallen to the sea
Eventually, I’ll rest in peace
My ashes to the oceans – for you to set me free
Track Name: Day Of Reckoning Ft. Ransom (Prod. by Solidified)
rise from the dead - my head above waters
words are timeless - what's said it's not altered
pain's cheap, death is free so what cost him
ghosts from my past but my future is more haunting
professor x how i rhyme this, mindless
no cleo psyhic can define this - mind trick
i live for the days and the nights of glory
6yrs of age when i've seen christ before me
burning desire - had to keep the fire burning
...i was ice cube from higher learning
get yours by all means necessary...
even if forever is temporary...
i have the will to be legendary
i wanna be one of the greatest before the cemetery
live once, die twice - music resurrecting him
the day i fall - will be your day of reckoning




Once again, the most honorable
show you how broward move, unstoppable, mercy's a tropical storm
man that's abominable, done the impossible
chronicle, god body in a phenomenal form
verses are god given, the god in him, if god willing
i'm godzilla, when the god spitting
they say the flow is godforsaken
i say hell no - this god vs satan
same days i live by are same nights i kill for
sometimes i take less, often i give more
this my nazareth savage - radical challenge
hand to hand - you couldn't handle the damage
remember me, this a memory of
i write this in permanent ink by shedding my blood
the day i fall and lay it all
mercy, i'll raise hell to heaven above

Track Name: Children Of Men (Prod. by E. Mishene)
It was an eye for an eye – love at first sight
Lived for your beauty – died the first night
Drooled for attention – but not the thirst type
A soldier of love – I had to earn stripes
I kept her on her toes - She kept me in her heart
I was common to her light – she kept me in the dark
Our deepest pleasures was a treasure from the start
To be together forever – you couldn’t measure us apart
The first 6 months was good
Simply, love’s probation – I would knock on wood
But finding forever was only finding the never
Hoping we can find it together
We picked on each other’s habits – shyt was just drastic
Some I tolerate – others I couldn’t stand it
And vice versa – times I made her life worst huh
Killing like Mike murder - Thinking how can I hurt ya’
Hardest thing was seeing you cry
Times I rather swallow my spit than eating my pride
So heartless of me, I've kept ether inside
With no effort, I didn’t stress it - neither I tried
Took me back for a second
Then my world crashed – when you told me, that you was pregnant


Stampede the globe – I’m about to be a Father now
Gotta do better - Can’t break my promise now
Tears of joy – you're boy feeling honored now
Just the thought of my first child – a nigga gotta wild
He’s gonna have his style or she gonna have her smile
I'm mad hyped - on just finding out
I’m rubbing on Shorty’s belly
She looks at me saying she wanna tell me
Asking me if I’m really ready
Fear of the relationship and will the baby be healthy
But we’ve been fighting on and off
Her sister didn’t really like me – her parents not at all
Plus we wasn’t fit financially – Look at us, to be raising a family
Sadly, I wasn’t the man to be - Only plan we had was plan B
The hurt in my heart was nasty - Hers, even worst – the cut was mad deep
Feeling helpless and its making me crazy
Knowing it’s all my fault – I let down two of my babies
Taking it for whatever it’s worth
I’ll die with the hurt when I should be witnessing your birth
Track Name: Crowning Glory (Prod. by Solidified / Co-Prod. by MeRCY)
so this what y'all been waiting for
well this what happens when you keep knocking on satan's door
no games, no mercy here to play with yall
went through so much bullshyt - I couldn't take no more
middle finger to the cops - break the law
all the slick talking gotta stop - break his jaw
for my rebel soliders out there - waging wars
today seize the moment and make it yours...
i've been overlooked and underrated
no punchline, just a uppercut to make a understatement
what's commonwealth to a rich nigga
like what's common sense to a bitch nigga
even if we share common ground, pound for pound, all around - I'm the shyt nigga
polar opposite - total optimist
this is reality rap - you've been photoshopping it


the first shall be last, the last shall be first
feels like a nigga been resurrected since birth
back from the dead, i'm just brushing off the dirt
live from hell's kitchen, just chefin the devil's work
with tears of joy, still carrying the hurt
such passion, everlasting - i've been rapping diverse
may my music live forever 'fore i lay in a hearse
thinking what to say in this verse
about the same time it took God making the earth
i was blessed with this gift, displaying the curse
my life's story of a man chasing the impossible
words can't express - holding my newborn in the hospital
just when i was giving up on life - the lord gave it back...
4 pounds and 17 inches - the lord made me that...


mercy - overlord of the underground
king of fist fights, verbal brawls of the knuckledowns
bite your tongue, swallowed words when you come around
remain humble, another hustle - though they love the sound
told my niggas that's going down - may day
nas in his hey day - that chronic of the dre day
ready for the melee - hit em with the AK
turn chicks to porn flicks - way before Ray J
ive done bad shyt - wasn't proud of it
i was even told that - i wouldn't amount to shyt
now i'm high as a mountain cliff like Rocky bitch
watch the throne - right where i'm about to sit
a lyricist with trouble thoughts - scared to come across
spit bars of thunderbolts
flip raps and make beats somersault
the winter's mine, nigga - cuz i took the summer off


who's really the nicest since Mike is here
yall know the answer to that - once Christ appears
fighting Mike is like Iron Mike - i'll bite your ears
florida's finest, rewind this, timeless - yeah
america's nightmare, right here - might scare
shuffled with a deck of spades - who don't fight fair
merc' illmatic beyond a reasonable doubt
respect all, fear none - before my peoples come out
had little of faith but never leave you doubt
if you talking illest, know who you speaking about
not minding your business, better keep in your mouth
or be the first to witness, your teeth be coming out
from the blood that i shed, from the sweat that i drop
this moment we share, where we cheer to the top
P3 a tale of glory and sin
gutta my mentor and this is how story will end